Friday, 26 April 2013

Oh, to go adventuring!

I love adventures, always have, and I suspect I always will. My favourite is to go somewhere new with my HH (Hero Husband), hire a car or buy a train pass, and just follow our noses for a week or two. It's not always convenient or easy and sometimes it means getting lost or being uncomfortable, but it's always unexpected and definitely memorable.

We once followed a series of road signs to somewhere call Il Falconiere. We had no idea what it was, but we were in Italy and it was a perfect blue-sky day with vineyards all around us, so we figured it had to be something good!
And it was.

We wound our way for miles along narrow roads, before finally turning into a long driveway, at the end of which was a beautiful stone building. It turned out to be an old 17th century villa that had been turned into a 'relais-chateau'. On entering, the first thing we saw was the dining room and, well, sometimes you've just got to follow your heart - or in this case, your stomach!

What followed was one of the most memorable meals we've ever had with delicious home-baked crispbreads, stunning seafood, pasta, fresh vegetables and a dessert to die for! (I think it was justifiably called 'orgasm for the mouth'!)

We had our lunch in the restaurant but the staff kindly served our dessert out on the terrace so we could sit and eat in the sunshine while overlooking the beautiful valley below. The desserts (there were six of them) were each delicious and we savoured every mouthful while the bees hummed among the flowers and faint wisps of cloud formed and faded overhead. It was a magical afternoon and it has lived long in our memories.

Oh, I love adventure!

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